[Image: a former military warehouse, Rome, ©2016]

This section of the website provides links to work and ongoing discussion related to the project themes. These texts include articles, blog posts and images which correlate with the scope of my research – concerning ancient history, warfare studies, and biopolitical philosophy.

Read my interpretative translation of a passage from Lucan’s Latin epic, Civil War,  recently published in Minerva Vol. 1 (2): War(fair?).

A few related pieces:
Hannah Pringle (2017) “The Ancient Slingshot was as Deadly as a .44 Magnum,” National Geographic
Charlotte Higgins (2013) “The Odyssey: a soldier’s road home,” The Guardian
Rob Wesselingh (2008) “From Milites Medici to Army Medics – A two thousand year tradition of military medicine,” Journal of Military and Veterans Health, 16 (4)

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